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Furnace: Home owners with a furnace you have a few responsibilities.

  1. The most important thing you need to do is make sure you check your filter monthly and change as needed. The exception would be if you have a seperate air purifier attached to your furnace and then you would follow the manufacturer's as well as your service professionals instructions.
  2. Check your filter monthly and change as needed. *exceptions see above Sorry it is just that it is important enough to state again.
  3. Have your furnace serviced and safety checked at the beginning of each and every heating season. (while you are at it have the hot water heater checked as well). For more info on furnace servicing click here.
  4. When a furnace repair/replacement is needed call a competent professional. Brand is not nearly as important as professional.

Air Conditioning:

  1. Again check filter monthly in the furnace/air handler and change as necessary.
  2. Keep grass, weeds and bushes trimmed away from the conderser (outside portion of AC unit). Also keep leaves other debris from collecting on the outside of the condenser also.
  3. If you have pets (especially male dogs) try to keep them from urinating on around the condenser as this can cause the unit to prematurely rust.
  4. Have the AC serviced and cleaned at the beginning of each and every cooling season.
  5. When an air conditioner repair/replacement is needed call a competent professional. Again brand is not as important as the professional.

Humidifier/Air purifier

  1. When you are checking your filter each month check the humidifier fittings and water line for any leaks.
  2. Your humidifier filter needs to be changed annually. When you call us to have your furnace serviced in the fall give us the make and model of your humidifier and we can bring a new filter pad for your humidifier.
  3. Your air purifier should be serviced as per the manufacturer's recommendations, but you should at least give it a look each month when the furnace or air conditioner is running to ensure it is working because they replace your standard furnace filter.






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