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Humidifiers Are An Essential For Comfort
By []Carl Formby

When most people think of winter they think mainly about how cold it is, mainly because that's the thing that usually causes the most discomfort. However, there is another unpleasant side to winter, especially in some parts of the country, and that it the dryness of the air, or low humidity. It doesn't seem to be a problem, but dry air can cause a lot of problems, both to your health and your environment.

One of the most common problems of low humidity is one which many people have experienced at some time, and that is dryness of the skin, which can lead to unpleasant sensations such as tightness, especially on the face, and even pain. The worst thing is when the skin becomes so dry that it actually cracks, which can be extremely painful. Another problem caused by dry air is problems with breathing, since the nasal passages themselves become dry and irritated. This can be painful and can also interfere with sleep. Those with chronic breathing problems, such as asthma, can suffer heavily during the winter months and the humidity falls to very low levels.

But it isn't only a person's health and sense of well-being that can suffer. The structure of a house, especially the floorboards and skirting boards, as well as plaster walls can suffer from low humidity, and be susceptible to cracking and flaking. Furniture too can be easily damaged by low moisture in the air, and can have its useful life severely shortened by low humidity.

So what is the answer? The simple answer is to replace the moisture, and the easiest way is to buy one of the many range of humidifiers on the market nowadays. These can range in size from models big enough for a room, to systems which can humidify a whole house, and a price tag that is accordingly bigger.

However, no matter the price, the cost of a humidifier will soon be paid back many times, both in terms of the amount of damage to home furnishings and decorations that will be avoided, and the increased level of comfort that can be attained. If you find yourself finding it difficult to breathe and your wooden furniture is beginning to look flaky take a look at some of the high-tech humidifiers on the market and bring your comfort level to nearer an optimum level.

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